Caster & Camber Measurements in Minutes

Innovative application of digital accelerometers to help racer’s quickly determine the car’s suspension setup.

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Solo Align Overview

Measures steering, caster and camber angles with easy viewing on your smart phone/tablets.

One Person Operation

Get results instantly on your smart device.

No Turn Plates

Displays steering angle in real time. No jacking the car up for turn plates

Easy to Use APP

Interactive on-screen instructions guide you through the process.

Detailed Reports

Easy to compare data in list view. Add photos and notes to each report.


Bluetooth automatically connects when app is open.

Live Camber Angle

Reads a real-time camber angle for fast viewing.


Getting Your Measurements

Once the sensor is attached to your wheel, you will follow a quick process to get your measurements in minutes. The APP will guide you to level the sensor then turn the wheel left and right. When this process is completed on both front wheels, the APP will display a report with your measurements.

  • Live on-screen steering angle as you turn the wheel.
  • Helpful prompts throughout every step.
  • One person operation. Get measurements while sitting in your car.

Detailed Reports

After completing the measurement process, you will be able to view your report. Caster and Camber for both wheels will be displayed side by side for easy viewing. Included in the report will be your location, map, weather, photo of car, date & time, and notes. This can valuable tool when competing at different tracks and a great reference for when revisiting tracks.

  • Save, edit, and delete reports
  • List view to compare setups
  • Add your own notes and photo to each report

Download the Solo Align APP

Available for both iOS and Android devices. You may view our Privacy Policy here.


Download the free APP on the iOS APP Store

Andriod APP

Download the free APP on the Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to Contact us if your question is not listed below.

It is highly accurate, using the latest technology in digital accelerometers.

Steering Angle Accuracy: ±1.5°
Caster Accuracy: ±1.5°
Camber Accuracy: ±0.3°

The instruction manual can be found here

The Solo Align Angle Sensor comes complete with a fixture that works on both steel or aluminum wheels. The fixture is adjustable to adapt to different size wheels. The sensor can also be used without the fixture if you have a flat surface area in the center of the wheel or hub that is magnetic.

You can purchase Solo Align here: Solo Align Store